Android 11 Update: A Hidden Recycle Bin Like In Windows! This Is How It Works

Android 11 Update
Android 11 Update: A Hidden Recycle Bin Like In Windows! This Is How It Works

Android is rolling out its Android 11 update operating system to give users a better experience of what they get with Android 10.

However, one of the most notable changes that the new operating system will include is a hidden recycle bin that allows users to move photos and videos to the trash instead of deleting them entirely. Keep reading to know more…

Update you will get in Android 11

The new experience will come from an advanced storage access mechanism that gives users the ability to retrieve a particular file at a later stage.

However, the files in the trash will be hidden by default. Users may not be able to access it in a similar way as the Recycle Bin on the Microsoft desktop provides access to deleted files.

In a video posted to YouTube’s Android developer channel, Android product manager Roxanna Alibari stated that the operating system will automatically delete a file that is automatically deleted after 30 days. She said: “Junk files can be tracked at any time before completion by an application that has added access to them or with the user’s consent.”

By default, users don’t have access to junk files on Android 11. However, apps that have user consent, and that includes editing even the trash files will show them from the hidden trash.

The new experience will be provided through an updated MediaStore API. Developers who use this application will be able to enable the garbage option in their applications.

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New Update Will Have ‘Move To Trash’ Option Instead of ‘Delete’ Option

Application developer Yuriy Mysochenko offered a glimpse of the new feature in February, as stated by XDA Developers. Mysochenko previously used Android 11 Developer Preview, which had a new MediaStore API with support for spam requests.

The developer released a screenshot showing a sample app with the published ‘Move to Trash’ option instead of a delete button. The screenshot suggests that the selected photos for trash be deleted after 7 days. However, according to the explanation given by Alibaba in the last video, the elimination period is set to 30 days.

This indicates that Google may have recently extended the period to give users additional time to recover their junk files.

Android 11 will include the option to mark files as ‘favorites’ to give them a special status, not only in the default gallery application but also in other media applications. Developers will be able to use a CreateRequest method to list photos and videos that were previously marked as favorites.

Google did not allow developers to modify any media files stored on Android 11 without requiring user consent. The same would be the case to allow garbage and file bias through any third party media application.

Additionally, the new version of Android will include an improved storage app, first introduced in Android 10 last year, which provides a new storage access experience for the app.

These are Android 11 Update: A Hidden Recycle Bin Like In Windows! This Is How It Works.

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