The ability to control recoil in BGMI can be a saving grace during combat. Being able to control the weapon with ease and making sure each bullet hits its target can be the difference between a “chicken dinner” and ending early in the game.

Mastering the skill requires a lot of patience and practice. Weapon recoil is one of the most difficult skill sets to master on the battlefield. This requires you to know how to handle all the weapons in BGMI with a variety of scopes and attachments. In addition, there are some settings with which you can easily control the recoil of the weapon in BGMI.

How to Control Recoil in BGMI | 5 tips:

This article will discuss some basic tips and tricks that players can use in BGMI to better understand how to control recoil, which will allow for continuous firing and quick in-game elimination.

1) Weapon choice

While bending down and customizing sensitivity settings is a good way to reduce the effects of recoil in BGMI, understanding the recoil pattern of each weapon will go a long way in helping players learn how to recoil.

In addition to understanding recoil, discovering the appropriate firing pattern for each weapon will allow players to reduce recoil and improve their aim over time without any problems.

2) Weapon Attachments

In addition to all the tips mentioned, wearing the correct weapon accessories is a game changer at BGMI. Some weapon accessories reduce recoil and spread, allowing players to fire headshots or simply spray the opponent’s center of mass.

While the appropriate weapon accessories for a particular weapon may not be possible in all games due to their lack. However, players should try to find them to minimize repetition.

3) Crouching

While crouching in BGMI may not be the ideal way to reduce recoil when shooting, it is one of the easiest to master and the fastest to do. Recoil significantly reduces recoil when using any weapon and allows for a longer duration of sustained fire.

Although this method of repetition control may not be possible during offensive play, it is still a practical and easy skill that players should learn as soon as possible.

4) Customize sensitivity settings

BGMI has its own custom sensitivity settings that players can change at will in the game. To get used to the high repeatability, players can adjust their sensitivity settings to the desired percentage.

Even though the factory settings are good, new players can lower their sensitivity settings to better control the weapon with continuous fire and understand the weapon’s retreat patterns. Over time, as better understanding and control is gained, players can go back to normal changes or even extend them.

  • Camera
    • 3rd Person No Scope – 120%
    • 1st Person No Scope – 120%
    • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist – 90%
    • 2x Scope – 36%
    • 3x Scope, Win 94 – 27%
    • 4x Scope, VSS – 17%
    • 6x Scope – 14%
    • 8x scope – 12%
  • ADS Settings
    • 3rd Person No Scope – 120%
    • 1st Person No Scope – 120%
    • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist – 60%
    • 2x Scope – 33%
    • 3x Scope, Win 94 – 23%
    • 4x Scope, VSS – 11%
    • 6x Scope – 10%
    • 8x scope – 8%
  • Gyroscope Settings
    • 3rd Person No Scope – 20%
    • 1st Person No Scope – 30%
    • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist – 144%
    • 2x Scope – 90%
    • 3x Scope, Win 94 – 74%
    • 4x Scope, VSS – 60%
    • 6x Scope – 55%
    • 8x scope – 42%

5) Burst Fire

5 tips to control recoil

Burst shooting is one of the simplest ways to reduce recoil in BGMI. Instead of firing bullets at a target, players should choose to use the burst shot, which will have less recoil and a greater chance of hitting the target.

While emptying a magazine can be a good way to take down an opponent in close encounters, in continuous and medium to long range combat, burst firing is the best way to reduce recoil and conserve ammo.

Several hack and mod files are also available to improve and control the return of weapons in BGMI. We encourage our users to follow BGMI’s fair gaming policy and avoid such activity. If you are interested in experimenting, try using a different account instead of the main account to avoid getting banned.

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