Android 11 to Integrate Password Autofill with Keyboards

Android 11 to Integrate Password Autofill with Keyboards. Starting with Android 11, virtual keyboards and other input method editors (IMEs) will be able to view autocomplete suggestions online.This way you won’t have to wait for the current dropdown app to appear, which is not providing an ideal experience and might seem out of place in some cases.

As you likely know, auto-complete suggestions usually contain private data and sensitive information, such as credit card details. With privacy in mind, Android hides keyboard hints until the user presses them.According to the official Android 11 Beta documentation, IME developers and password managers need to update their apps to support this feature.

Older Executions (Android 10 and earlier) will run if the IME or password manager does not support online auto-complete.As Android Police points out, the new keyboard-based password auto-completion interface might look like what Google Chrome added recently. However, we will have to wait to see if it will exist as a separate component (shown below) or appear in text predictions as a suggestion bar.

Android 11 to Integrate Password Autofill with Keyboards

We can expect the most popular keyboard apps and password managers to include changes in time for the release of Android 11, which is expected to happen on September 8th. You can learn more about the auto-complete workflow online in the official Google documentation here. The page also contains instructions to help developers set up auto-complete online for their apps. What do you think ‘Android 11 to Integrate Password Autofill’ about this feature?

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