IPL Auction 2024

IPL Auction 2024 Retained Players List – Hardik to Mi?

The IPL Auction 2024 mini-auction is scheduled to take place on December 19, 2023, in Dubai. Ahead of the auction, IPL franchises have retained their players, see below. Hardik Pandya To Captain...
VI Music app: Best Spotify alternative

VI Music app: Best Spotify alternative | vi music vs spotify

Vi Music app - Allows you to play songs from YouTube Music without any restrictions. You can access the search section by tapping on it. After that, you can listen to...
10 Best Tom Hiddleston Movies

10 Best Tom Hiddleston Movies and TV Shows (Ranked)

Tom Hiddleston is easily one of the most famous actors in the business, having gained much of his popularity from playing the Norse god of mischief Loki in the MCU. Thomas...
Best DNS for gaming

Best DNS Server for Gaming in 2023

What is the Best DNS server for gaming? Don't panic - this article will answer all your questions. DNA is the foundation of modern online communication, but does it help with...
best basketball themed anime

10 Best Basketball Anime & Manga

The Best Basketball anime gaming genre has recently become increasingly popular among fans of the anime community due to the recent blockbusters of the past decade, which include many intense, action-packed,...
Legend of Zelda

Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – A Crabulous Deal Walkthrough

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is full of side quests that Link can take on to help the people of Hyrule. Between hunting monsters and searching for the...
Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023

Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023 Best Offers: Unbeatable Deals on Mobiles You Shouldn’t Miss

Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023, the long-awaited shopping holiday exclusively for Prime members, is expected between July 14 and July 15. The 48-hour event promises the best technological offers, the introduction...
Reddit blackout

Reddit blackout 2023: Why are thousands of subreddits going dark?

Reddit blackout 2023: Thousands of popular Reddit communities covering topics ranging from Apple Inc to games and music shut down their users on Monday in protest at the company's plan to...
iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Pro Max को लेकर आई नई खबर, यूजर्स बोले ऐसी उम्मीद नहीं...

iPhone 15 Pro Max: एपल इस साल आईफोन 15 सीरीज लॉन्च करेगी। हालांकि बाजार में इसको लेकर चर्चाएं काफी तेज हैं। हालाँकि iPhone 15 सीरीज़ के आने में अभी भी समय...
anime for cat lovers

5 Best Anime for Cat Lovers: A Meow-masterpiece Collection

Are you an avid cat person looking for a delightful fusion of engrossing narrative and endearing feline characters? You've found it! In this article, we introduce the anime series created specifically...