How to get followers on Instagram: 10 Tips that actually works

Wanna know How to get followers on Instagram? Without spending a single money, you are at the correct place. Let’s begin

Surely there are many ways by which you can get free Instagram followers like buying followers on Instagram or using bots. But currently, Instagram started spotting bots. Actually, the followers you got by buying are dead or we can say that they are just numbers. They don’t like your photo and don’t see your story.

How to get followers on Instagram: 10 tips

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Define your Audience

Before getting followers on Instagram you have to know what type of followers you want. These points will help you out to know your audience.

  • How old are they
  • Where they live
  • Where they work
  • When they use Instagram
  • What reason they use Instagram

Answering this question will help you to connect with your audience and what they actually want.

Use Hashtags on Instagram To get more reach

Recently while scrolling down on Instagram I liked a person’s photo & I saw that he got only 25 Likes so I contact him and ask for this post analytics, and they have up to 200 people. So out of 200 people, only 25 liked. these are some tips for you to use hashtags correctly.

  • Don’t use hashtag generators. (app, website)
  • Use keywords related to your niche.
  • Use at least 15-20 hashtags.
  • Use hashtag which has more than 1 lakh post.
  • Don’t use duplicate hashtags.
  • Do Hashtag Research

A beautiful Instagram Bio & Profile

Now after using hashtags, you started getting visitors on your Instagram profile. Now your bio and profile will convert your visitors into subscribers. For that, you have to write a beautiful bio in a simplistic way

How to create a beautiful profile on instagram

In your bio try to tell people who you are, where you live, what you do. Don’t mess up try to be simple. No one is interested in your birthday they visited your profile to know about you professionally.

Share engaging content

Great content will let people to like, comment, and share. That engagement will get you more likes and followers and Instagram itself promote you.

And Your Post must relate to your audience. If you have a meme page don’t post Shayari there, no one will like it because they followed you for memes, not for Shayari’s.

Aim To Get Featured

How to get featured on instagram

Feature accounts are which reshare other user’s content on their page like Photography page, Pets page, etc. For example, there is a photography page with 2 lakh+ followers, who post other people’s content and give credits to them. It will help other people to get followers who are interested in photography.

Tag Your Location

Adding location is another way to get followers on Instagram. It also helps to reach local people.

If you have a local business use location and request your customers to do the same it will help to boost your followers as well as increase your sale.

Aim For The Explore Tab

The explore tab is what you see when you click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom left side of the app. this is where you can find photos and videos related to your niche.

How to increase instagram followers

The Explore tab displays Instagram, Stories, and IGTV posts. Use photos or videos selected by Instagram first. Over 200 million people visit the Explore tab every day. There is a huge opportunity for brands to grow themselves.

Tag relevant Users

You can tag related people in your caption with the @ symbol. When you tag someone it will send them a notification and maybe they can share with their audience.

If you tag anyone in Instagram stories they can share that story in one click with their audience it also helps you to get more followers.

Ask your followers to tag their friends

Try to engage your audience in your post it will also help you to get followers on instagram.

Use this trick on your best content. Users should feel that they are doing their friends a favor by tagging them.

Post Consistency

People followed you to see the content if they don’t see content from you they will Unfollow you.

Daily posting increases the number of followers four times per week. So try to be regular and post as much as you can and write eye-catching followers.

Bonus tips-

  • Use Instagram features like a poll, QnA, and many more.
  • Collaborate with people by using a live feature.
  • Run Contests.
  • Make some post highlights.

These 10 tips will help you to get followers on Instagram. Please stay tuned to we will be back with some important topics.

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