The Best Basketball anime gaming genre has recently become increasingly popular among fans of the anime community due to the recent blockbusters of the past decade, which include many intense, action-packed, and fast-paced anime and manga series.

Among the hits of the sports genre, basketball-themed anime is one of the most popular. From 90s classics to the latest blockbusters, basketball anime makes sure the sports genre is properly represented. For fans who love classic underdogs, hard work, and impossible odds, below are some of the best basketball anime and manga series out there.

10 Best Basketball Anime & Manga

Although they come in a variety of genres and plot sequences, these are the best basketball anime and manga.

Slam Dunk

Best Basketball Anime

A righteous and worthy classic of the genre of anime games. Slam Dunk is one of the first names, if not the first name, when it comes to basketball themed anime and manga series. The series was released in 1993 with 101 episodes. Considering how long ago it was first shown, the anime has a retro feel and will appeal to fans interested in old anime.

The anime follows Hanamichi Sakuragi, the leader of a criminal gang known for his violent tendencies, who enrolls at Shohoku High School. Due to his notorious nature, most people avoid him, and after certain events, Hanamichi needs a girlfriend and hates basketball. When he meets Haruko Akagi, with whom he instantly falls in love, Hanamichi and the Shuhoku High basketball team begin to fight, eventually realizing his passion for the sport and his teammates.

Kuroko No Basket

Arguably the most popular basketball anime of the last decade. Kuroko no Basket has everything a sports anime needs. Exciting matches that look more like duels and battles than basketball. The anime goes beyond the traditional basketball game with its wild and fast-paced visuals and eye-catching animation.

The anime chronicles Seirin High School’s growth to become Japan’s number one high school basketball team. It centers on the protagonists Kuroko Tetsuya and Kagami Taiga, who along with the Seirin High basketball team find themselves on a journey full of struggle, defeat and ultimately victory.

Ahiru no Sora

Sora lives and breathes basketball, but there’s just one problem; its height. Created by Takeshi Hinata, Ahiru no Sora is a typical basketball-themed anime series, although similar to the popular Kuroko no Basket, it deals with much less edgy, much more relaxed themes while portraying high school basketball realistically. there is

The series focuses on the life of Sora Kuramatani, who, despite his obvious talent and love of basketball, has a significant shortcoming necessary for the sport, his physique. Sora is much smaller and weaker than the average high school basketball player. On a promise to his sick mother, Sora joins Kuzuryu High School and its basketball team. He soon discovers that the team does everything but basketball and has become a haven for delinquents. Sora’s determination to keep his promise, his passion for basketball rubs off on the group, making them once again give their all for basketball.

Buzzer Beater

The buzzing beater, as the name suggests, makes for a fierce watch. The anime takes basketball from the human realm to the alien realm, as the anime now has physically superior aliens dominating basketball. Sci-fi basketball anime doesn’t delve deeply into key aspects other than winning and the underdog mentality.

The story is based on the life of the protagonist, Hideyoshi, who lived in poverty before joining a professional club and surviving by playing basketball. The anime is full of intense and epic conflicts as Hideyoshi and his team try to take on the game’s masters. Buzzer Beater is the perfect watch for fans who love intensity and adrenaline.

Dear Boys

One of the older games, Dear Boys, is a regular running basketball manga series. Created by author Hiroki Yagami, the series originally began in 1989 and consists of 25 volumes.

The series focuses on the development of Mizuho High’s basketball team after the main character Aikawa Kazuhiko transfers to Mizuho High School. Upon his transfer, the team is in all sorts of disarray, but with his sheer tenacity, Aikawa inspires the few remaining members, leading to a turnaround.


Things take a very privileged turn in this manga series, as its central premise is wheelchair basketball played by paraplegics. The original manga series, created by author Takehiko Inoue, has been praised for its realistic depiction of the struggles and hardships of what it means to be lame.

The story focuses on the lives of three teenagers, Nomiya, a high school dropout, Togawa, a former runner disabled in an accident, and Takahashi, the former team leader, who suddenly finds himself unable to move any of his limbs. Body.. away from his chest. The series provides an intense and emotional, honest perspective on the struggles of people with physical disabilities, highlighting the underlying undertones of marginalization, guilt, fear and discrimination. One of the best basketball anime and true manga series is a must-read for fans who find its intense emotions appealing.

Harlem Beat

Harlem Beat is a classic street basketball manga series created by Yuriko Nishimiya. The series ran from 1994 to 2000. The manga series explores the perspectives and perspectives of people who know what it means to not cut it in the harsh world of high school basketball.

The series centers on perennial bench warmer and main character Nate Torres’ struggles as he goes from always being left on the bench to becoming a streetball player on his high school basketball team. The story explores the conflicts and desires that weave beautifully into Nate’s life as he tries to live up to his confidence.


At first glance, Backsquash is clearly not what the typical sports anime fans and viewers are used to. Created by Shoji Kawamori and Thomas Romain, the series follows the general mecha genre associated with basketball.

The series takes place on a future Earth called Earth Dash, where humanity is divided between the advanced Lunar Society and the struggling Surface Society. The most popular sport in the world is BFB (Big Foot Basketball), which is played by players riding on mechanized legs called Big Foot in a large arena while playing basketball. It was named Basquash after the achievements of the game’s protagonist, Dan Jedi. This anime series is for fans who like a mix of futurism and basketball!


I’LL is a basketball manga series by artist Hiroyuki Asada. It started in 1995 and lasted until 2004. The series has also received a two-episode anime adaptation, but this is not the end of the series. It primarily focuses on the team’s matchups, but the series explores the characters’ relationships outside of their basketball-filled lives.

The series follows the protagonist, Akane Tachibana, a promising new high school basketball athlete who, contrary to popular belief, joins Kozue High instead of sports clubs to escape the pressure. Through the characters, the series shows struggle and toughness wrapped in team spirit, providing an emotional read.

Power!! Girl’s Got Game

POWER!! Written by Seino Shizuru, the series dates back to 1999 and ended in 2002. It has a balance of basketball and typical high school romance; The series explores all of this through the eyes of a young basketball athlete.

The series focuses on a female protagonist, Kyo Aizawa, whose father hopes that his daughter can continue her dream of playing professional basketball for the rest of her life. She is excited to attend Sisu Academy, which is famous for its boys’ basketball program and beautiful girls’ uniforms. However, this soon ends as he learns that he was enrolled as a boy due to his father’s wishes. This was the complete list of best basketball anime and manga.

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