PUBG Mobile back in India in a new avatar, parent company PUBG Corporation said on Thursday. Many websites reported last week that the South Korean gaming firm was plotting its return to the world’s second-largest Internet market two months after the country was banned by its marquee title.

PUBG Mobile back in India

PUBG Corporation said that the new game called PUBG Mobile India is specially made for users in India. It was not shared when it was planning to release the title.

Additionally, the company – and its parent firm KRAFTON – said they plan to invest $100 million in India, one of PUBG Mobile’s largest markets, in the local video game, esports, entertainment, and IT industries. To cultivate the ecosystem. It also plans for over 100 employees in the country.

“Thanks to increasing community enthusiasm for exporting PUBG to India, the company also plans to invest by hosting India-exclusive esports events that will feature the largest tournaments, largest prize pools, and best tournament presentations, “It says.

New Delhi has banned more than 200 apps in recent months on cyber-security concerns, including China – PUBGB Mobile and Tikkok. The ban was implemented as tensions rose over the disputed border of nations.

To address Indian government concerns, PUBG Mobile cut ties with Chinese Internet giant Tencent – its publisher in many markets – in India days after the order. Last week it entered into a global agreement with Microsoft to transfer all PUBG mobile data – along with data from its other properties – to Azure. Microsoft operates three cloud regions in India.

PUBG Corporation said in a statement today, “Privacy and security of Indian player data is a top priority for PUBG Corporation, regular audits on storage systems containing personally identifiable information of Indian users to strengthen and ensure company security and ensure Will verify Their data is securely managed.”

PUBG Mobile Back in India After Ban - Here's Everything You Need To Know

Prior to the ban in early September, PUBG Mobile had over 50 million monthly active users in India, more than any other mobile game in the country. Rishi Alwani, a longtime analyst of the Indian gaming market and publisher of the news outlet Mako Reactor, said it helped establish an ecosystem of entire organizations and even a cottage industry of streamers, which made its audience game friendly The gameplay took the most advantage.

PUBG Corporation’s move today could set an example for other affected apps to chart their returns in the country. One thing – and perhaps the most important element – in all this is unclear as to whether the Government of India has approved the move of PUBG Corporation.


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