The Samsung foldable smartphone line of devices such as the Galaxy Z fold and the Galaxy fold may get a new entry this year. Samsung is reportedly working on a Samsung double folding smartphone, which is rumored to be launched later this year. The dual-folding process can also make the phone a bit thicker when folded.

Samsung Double-Folding Smartphone Spotted

Samsung Double-Folding Smartphone

The tip came from Nikkei Asia, which revealed the design through images. Clearly, there are two concept designs Samsung is working on. One of the designs involves bending the screen in two opposite directions by making two folds.

And the edges of a pattern are attached around the rear panel ealingThe report further states that Samsung’s dual-folded smartphone will include an irrational screen ratio with a ‘front’ screen with current trends like 16: 9 or at least 18: 9. This will further enhance the user experience in gaming or smartphones.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Push For 2021

From its appearance, Samsung will bring more folding smartphones this year. We will probably include the next Zenes Samsung Galaxy Z fold and Galaxy Fold 3 dual-fold smartphones in that list as well. Some reports suggest introducing a new Samsung Galaxy Lite with trim-down features at a slightly more expensive price.

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The report states that Samsung has an internal goal of selling more foldable smartphones, at least Galaxy Note devices. To recall, Samsung shipped more than 10 million Galaxy Note smartphones every year.However, it sold only 3.5 million foldable smartphones last year. This year, the company aims to create at least 7.5 million more units.Over the years, Samsung has designed innovative smartphone designs. When it comes to foldable smartphones, the South Korean company has released flip designs as well as horizontal folding designs.

The new double-fold design will mark Samsung’s name in the foldable smartphone market with its unique design. Said that, other OMOs like Xiaomi, TCL, and even Apple are entering the foldable smartphone spectrum, which could create competition for Samsung.

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