Amazon Podcasts

In 2020, Amazon added podcasts to its flagship music platform to compete with giants like Apple and Spotify. However, this service was not available in India at that time. Now, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant has launched “Amazon Podcasts” in the country for Prime Music members who can listen to various popular podcasts from renowned content creators.

The announcement came via an official tweet from Amazon’s Prime Music Twitter handle. The tweet (attached below) comes with a teaser video that showcases podcast shows by well-known creators such as Jay Shetty, Robin Sharma, Cyrus Broacha, and Clyde Lee Dennis.

Podcasts on Amazon Music

Amazon Podcast is currently available in India for Prime Music members and they can access it by signing in to their accounts in the Prime Music app for Android and iOS. Also, users can access Amazon’s library of over 9 million podcasts using any web browser on the desktop or start playing on their Alexa Smart speakers (including an active Prime account).

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The service is available free of charge to every Prime Music member and they do not have to spend any extra money to access it. Also, users will be able to download podcast episodes for offline listening.

The Amazon Podcast Platform features both national and international podcasts from multiple producers. In addition to this, members of Prime Music will also enjoy the Amazon Originals which have been created specifically for the platform.

Amazon Podcasts

Podcast episodes are classified based on their genres and the categories range from inspiration, business, technology to comedy, music and fitness. Therefore, there is something for every kind of listener who can enjoy listening to their favorite creators whatever they ever want.

The Amazon Podcast is currently available in India and Prime Music users can access it immediately. However, to use the additional benefits such as offline download, users will need Prime Membership which starts at Rs 129 / month.

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