Netflix creates 'Fast Laughs', a TikTok clone to Fast Laughs
Image Credits: Netflix

Late last year, Netflix began using a new TikTok-like funny video inside its mobile app, which is called “Fast Laughs”. Today, the company announced that the new feature is now running on iOS, allowing users to watch, react or share short clips, as well as add shows or movies to the Netflix watchlist. You can also push the “Play” button to start watching the program immediately.

At launch, the feature will include short clips from Netflix’s comedy catalog, including sitcoms such as “Murder Mystery”, “Big Mouth”, “The Crew,” as well as snippets from stand-up comedians like Kevin Hart and Ali Huh. Wong

Netflix confirmed that the feature will be tapping not only in its full catalog but also in its original programs. However, the company cannot say how many shows or movies will be screened in the new experience at any given time.

The feature, in particular, is given a prominent position in the Netflix app, where it is accessible from the navigation menu below on its own tab, next to “Coming Soon”. This is no small experiment, but – rather an indication of how successful the “Fast Laughs” feature would have been in the early trials and in terms of connecting users to Netflix content.

“Fast Laughs” is not the first time Netflix has borrowed concepts from social media to help users find new shows or movies to watch in their app. For example, a few years ago, Netflix introduced its short-form video “Stories” feature, called Preview. But times have changed. Now users are drawn to short-form vertical video feeds, such as those popularized by Tiktok.

Netflix creates 'Fast Laughs', a TikTok clone to Fast Laughs
Image Credits: Netflix

“Fast Laughs” borrows a lot from the Tickcock format, as its feed also includes full-screen videos that you can swipe vertically and the engagement button on the right side of the screen. These buttons let you react to the clip with a “LOL” (crying/laughing) emoji or share it via iMessage or other social media apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. You can start watching the show immediately or save it for later viewing by adding it to “My List”.

Netflix creates 'Fast Laughs', a TikTok clone to Fast Laughs
Image Credits: Netflix

During the tests, the “Fast Laughs” clip played anywhere from 15 to 45 seconds in length. Today, Netflix states that there is no exact clip length for these video snippets.

Because the content of the clip may not be appropriate for children, the “Fast Laughs” tab will not appear on the Netflix children’s profile. In addition, members will be able to filter content based on their own settings for maturity rating levels.

The company is positioning the feature as a discovery tool.

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Netflix product designer Kim Ho, who previously worked, said that we want to give members a fun, fast, and effortless way to get to know about these comedies. Product Design on Facebook, Instacart, and Coin. He said, “We worked hard to cut what was necessary, intentionally and into a minimal UI design, to react to the moment (‘LOL’) from the transparent tab bar and plan our next laugh by adding it to our list.”

While “Fast Laughs” focuses on finding new things to watch, the feature can, in fact, help Netflix compete with Tiktok in terms of time spent on mobile devices, because it is smaller, more Meets the growing demand for “stable”. Video content.

Netflix says that this feature is now rolling out for iOS and will begin testing on Android in the coming months.

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