Since the ban on PUBG mobiles imposed by the Indian government last year, fans of popular battle royal game in the country have been itching for their relay. In the last few months, we have seen several indications that the game may be relaunched soon in the country. Now, a new revelation has surfaced, indicating that the game may resume with an entirely new name, and it is not PUBG Mobile India that is “Battlegrounds Mobile India”.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Gemwire, Crafton & PUBG Corp. According to a new poster of the game seen by people in the world, the game is likely to be released under the name ‘Battleground Mobile’. Gemwire’s new poster was seen within the source code of the PUBG Mobile India website. For those unaware, the website went live late last year when the developers announced that they would be restarting the game soon.

The poster shown in the image above features an image of a PUBG player descending to see Miramar (or the new Karakin map), with Battleground Mobile India written in a sandy area.As for the actual launch, no official announcement has been made yet, but recent developments have certainly dashed expectations again.

Crafton recently posted more job listings related to PUBG Mobile India on LinkedIn. In addition, the company has stated in interviews that it focuses on the newly announced PUBG: PUBG mobile relaunch, rather than bringing the new state into the country. More is going on, a bunch of teaser videos from PUBG Mobile India went live on the official YouTube channel a few days ago, adding more fuel to the fire.

The videos have since been made private, but their appearance shows an improvement that the launch of the game is, hopefully, just around the corner.Meanwhile, as Crafton struggled to bring PUBG Mobile back, EA’s Apex Legends have begun their closed beta in the country, and FAU-G’s Team Deathmatch Mode is also on the way. It remains to be seen how capable Battleground Mobile will be in the more competitive mobile gaming scene in India.

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