The long-awaited homegrown wrestling mobile game FAU-G made its official debut in India almost a month ago. Now, nCore is all set to launch FAU-G Team Deathmatch Mode in India. Although the game had an enormous amount of downloads, the lackluster and repetitive gameplay left many wanting more. Only single-player campaign modes were playable at launch. The other two modes, namely “Team Deathmatch” and “Free for All”, were grayed out and marked as coming soon.

FAU-G Team Deathmatch Mode Coming Soon

Well, developer nCore Games is now looking to introduce new content to FAU-G with the addition of Team Deathmatch mode. The company has started teasing in this new way on social media. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, a face associated with the game since its announcement last year, has also teased the upcoming mode on Twitter.

The caption of the official tweet reads: “Find your friends, form your squad, fight for freedom! FAU-G’s Team Deathmatch multiplayer is coming soon! “There’s also a video trailer for the next mode and it doesn’t reveal much of anything. Now, it’s coming soon, but there’s no official date yet. You can watch it right here:

FAU-G Team Deathmatch Mode: What to Expect


Team Deathmatch Mode will be 5 vs 5 Player Mode. This means that you, along with four other teammates, will fight against five opponents to either commit the most kills in a set time interval or be the first to reach a certain kill count.

Each team will initially be located on either side of the map. Then you will most likely choose your loadout and fight. If you are killed, you will react with timed inaccuracy so that you do not kill the spawn. You’ll then be able to jump into battle again to help your team kill more. This team will be similar to the Deathmatch mode we’ve seen or played in other titles like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty.

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Location/ Maps

Now, nCore Games may not have a lot of details to share at the moment, but the teaser reveals two things. One, the team deathmatch mode in FAU-G will be set at a different location from the Galvan Valley, where the campaign mode occurs. It appears to be a city with buildings and vehicles for cover.

Gun Gameplay

The second and most important thing is that Team Deathmatch Mode will eventually introduce guns into FAU-G. For those unaware, the game arrived with no guns. Commando picked up makeshift weapons to simply fight enemies in campaign mode. They were made of pipes, wood, barbed wire, and other materials.

The 5 vs 5 gameplay will see the developer introduce guns into the FAU-G. As shown in the teaser above, you will be able to choose a pistol, assault rifle, and SMG. It will be quite interesting to see the gunplay mechanics of this game. The repetitive button-smashing campaign was not very fun. I expect the team to change with deathmatch mode. It will also bring back players who have uninstalled the game after completing the Galvan Valley mission.

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