PUBG Mobile’s return to India is still uncertain, but its long-awaited home guard rival FAU-G finally has a release date. Yes, Fearless and United Guard (FAU-G) will finally arrive on your mobile devices later this month. The game developer nCore not only announced the FAU-G Launch Date in India but also shared a new cinematic video today. It gives us a closer look at the gameplay, combat styles, and weapons.

FAU-G Launch Date Announced in India

In an official tweet, developer nCore Games has confirmed that FAU-G will launch in India on January 26, 2021. The company has been known to choose auspicious days to tease the game. And well, the game will begin with Republic Day in the country. You can see the official announcement here:

The release date is revealed with a new cinematic video, which gives us another look at the game. The teaser depicts enemies fighting FAU-G commandos trying to enter LAC (Line of Royal Control) in Ladakh. This is probably the “first mission of the game”, which is said to be based on a skirmish between the Indian and Chinese forces in the Galvan valley. This was the result of the martyrdom of 20 soldiers and this game is a way of showing our respect to these brave men.

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Gameplay and Combat Details

FAU-G Launch Date Announced in India

In the teaser video above, we also got our first taste of the match at FAU-G. Not only will you fight enemies (we are talking about close combat) but you will also be able to use clubs (as shown below) and even firearms. You can see the soldiers in what looks like an AK-47 in the video. We have a first look at the home screen UI, which shows your character front and center. Two types of currency are also seen in the game.

Also, if you didn’t already know, FAU-G is not a battle royale game like PUBG. If you are looking to fight other real players, you are wrong. However, a Battle Royale mode is said to be in the works and will arrive at a later date.

We got our first official look at FAU-G on the occasion of Dusshera, with the opening of Android pre-registration in Gurupurab at the end of November. The game has already earned over 1 million pre-registrations. It will initially be available on Android devices, with an iOS release scheduled for sometime in the future.

If you’re eager to play FAU-G when it launches in India, head over to this link and register to get notified whenever the game goes live. You can also choose to have the game automatically install on your smartphone.

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