How to do Pre registration of Battlegrounds Mobile India

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Yes, it’s time to start listening to this popular idiom again. Following PUBG Mobile’s return to India in a new avatar in Battleground Mobile India for the past week, South Korean developer Kraften has revealed Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration Date for the game.

In an official blog post, Crafton has confirmed that the pre-registration for the much-awaited Battleground Mobile India will go live on 18 May. Players can only pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store next week. There is currently no word on iOS pre-registration or launch.

How to do Pre registration of Battlegrounds Mobile India

BattleGrounds Mobile official announcement that the pre registration started on Google Play store On 18th May. When the pre registration started than you can do Pre registration simply follow the bellow step.

Step 1:- Click on the below link

Click Here-

Step 2:- Simply Click on the Pre-registrations Button

Step 3:- Now wait for the game launch

Is Pubg mobile old account data transfer in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Many players are worried about the money that they spent to buy in-game cosmetics in PUBG Mobile (global version). We assured they will get back every item that they bought through their old account and that the money will not be wasted.

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