Satvik Mishra

Satvik Mishra: A well known YouTuber and Blogger aka Technology and Tricks

Satvik Mishra

Satvik Mishra, professionally known as Technology and Tricks, is an unsurpassable young lad building up his career as an entrepreneur in today’s world. He is from Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh. A small-town boy is all set to claim his name to fame.

He hustles every day to stay relevant in the digital industry, to prove that he is nothing but the best and the right choice for his clients. His growth is unparalleled. He has a versatile personality and is already renowned in the world of digital marketing.

Satvik Mishra started his journey in 2017 as a YouTuber where he uploads technology and lifestyle vlog content and currently, he has more than 1.3k+ subscribers.

In short, Satvik’s life is proof of the fact that if you work really hard for anything, it comes to you. As he says

I may not be there but I am better than I was yesterday

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