Instagram is finally coming up with a feature that allows users to see recounts in posts and videos. According to a recent report, the Facebook-owned platform has introduced a test feature on its platform, which allows users to choose whether to like-count in Instagram posts.

Instagram and Facebook Will Let You Whether to Hide the Number of Likes

Instagram launched a global experimental program for its users two years ago. In this program, the photo-sharing platform begins to hide the number of likes in the post for a limited number of users. This was to improve the mental health of the users and reduce the intense competition for “choices”. In recent times this has become somewhat controversial because some users did not like the idea and shared harsh responses.

To Hide or Not to Hide?

Earlier this year, Instagram chief Adam Mosesi came forward to address the issue, addressing a bug that included more users in the experimental program. Although he said the idea of ​​hiding the choice is “clearly polarized”, the advantage lies here.


At the time, however, Mosseri confirmed that they were “looking for ways to bring ideas to those who want them and those who don’t.” So, now following these claims, a Facebook spokesperson said that Instagram has recently launched a small global trial. This allows them to let a few users around the world choose whether to hide the same counter for their own post or another person’s post.

“We’re testing a new option that lets you decide the experience that’s best for you,” Facebook said in a statement.

The feature is currently rolling out to select users on Instagram. As per reports, it is likely to roll out to global users in the coming weeks. Moreover, apart from Instagram, the feature will be making its way to Facebook too.

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