Google Meet to Add Custom Background, Raise Hand, & Other New Features Soon

Google Meet

To zoom in, video conferencing applications such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams have arrived to implement new features and make their offerings accessible to a broader user. Google Meat is now being integrated into Gmail and is limited to commercial users only. It’s free for everyone to use, and recently added features like 16-person mosaic views, noise cancellation, and more.

Google Meet has been inspired by its rivals and is ready to add more user-requested features, including custom, blur and custom backgrounds, and voting, among other things. The company has expanded its plans for Google Meet in an official blog post. Here are all the new features coming to Google Meet in 2020:

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Google Meet Features:

Custom Backgrounds

One of the features that Zoom Fun uses are custom backgrounds. You can choose to be on the Tatoin wasteland or within the womb. Google Meat will soon help you blur your background (to help hide the clutter) or change it to do something different. The platform will provide a handful of presets, but you’ll also be able to upload your own images.

Raise Hand

Again, an easy setup for meetings and classes. Now you don’t have to yell in the middle of a conference to get the answer to your question. Just hit the ‘raise your hand’ button and you’ll immediately notify everyone that you want to add something to the discussion.

Q&A / Polls

If you’re feeling too much to raise your hand in the middle of a discussion, you can look forward to Meet’s next question-and-answer feature. This will allow the administrator to collect questions, which can then be answered at the end of the section. You will be able to create and participate in elections in real-time to get everyone’s opinion in large meetings. It is currently unknown whether the administrator will be able to see everyone’s responses.

More Moderation Controls

Hosts will soon be able to see who attended the meeting, an attendance feature on their way. There will be a meeting room to divide a large section into smaller teams, hold meetings, and then discuss the idea in general. Hosts will soon receive the option to mute and end calls for all participants, disable in-app chat, and the ability to display their screens.

The company did not say when the facility will come, but all of the above features have been requested to be implemented before the end of 2020.

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