Google Assistant Gets COVID 19 Information Hub on Android: Everything You Need to Know

Google Assistant Gets COVID 19 Information Hub

Google Assistant Gets COVID 19 Information Hub on Android. Google has stepped up its efforts to combat the new coronavirus pandemic that has infected over half a million people worldwide. From launching a coronavirus recognition website to offering $ 800 million for companies affected by a pandemic, Google has now added a COVID-19 alert card to the Google Assistant snapshot on Android and is essentially a hub for Android. information for the coronavirus outbreak. The Assistant snapshot can be accessed by opening the Google Assistant app or by clicking the Google logo present in the Google search bar on mobile devices. Meanwhile, a report also claims that Google is working on new features for Google Assistant.

According to 9to5Google, the COVID 19 card was probably added to the Google Assistant snapshot on Tuesday. We can confirm that the feature is present on Android devices.

Through this image, Google offers a variety of options, including news, symptoms, tips for working from home, reminiscing about washing hands and more. After you click on a relevant option, Google Assistant continues to redirect users to a separate page. On this page, users can finally read information about the options they have selected.

This information center can be further removed by selecting “Do not display this book again”, present in the COVID-19 drop-down menu. Google recently launched a US-focused website, with information on targeting and testing coronavirus, after the country witnessed an increase in pandemic-related cases. Google also pledged $ 800 million in support to crisis health organizations, researchers and companies. CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google “will help our communities navigate the challenges ahead.”

Meanwhile, another report by 9to5 Google highlighted that Google is working on a new feature for Google Assistant. The feature, wizard shortcuts, was detected in the Google 11.3 APK teardown application by 9to5Google. The report speculates that with this feature, Google will allow users to create shortcuts for apps like Google and YouTube using their voice. However, 9to5Google failed to fully test the feature, as it appears to be in the testing stage.

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