Facebook is planning to merge Whatsapp with Messenger

Facebook is planning to merg Whatsapp with Messenger

In order for Facebook Messenger to be able to communicate perfectly with WhatsApp, the social media giant is integrating the two services. According to WABetaInfo, a website that tracks early WhatsApp updates, right now, Facebook’s Facebook-owned photo sharing platform recommends recommending Facebook Messenger download, as noted by an independent developer named Alessandro Paluzzi. .What you think is it right decision “Facebook is planning to merge Whatsapp with Messenger” comment below.

“This isn’t actually an integration with the Facebook Instagram service, but recently @ Alex193a (Alessandro Paluzzi) warned me against integrating WhatsApp into Facebook Messenger, including many interesting clues! In particular, we are talking about the possibility of communicating with WABetaInfo user books on Their page, a user using a different Facebook app, in this case between two users who have WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. “

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Some important details have emerged about the integration, such as the icon indicating that Facebook is creating some tables in a local database. References in the icon indicate that the social media giant can know if WhatsApp contact has been blocked.

“Let’s understand this picture together: By following the references included in this image, Facebook can understand whether WhatsApp contact has been blocked, push notification sounds, or conversation details (which includes certain information like contact phone number, message WABetaInfo said: “If the chat is archived …) but not its content, members of a particular group and contact profile pictures.”

However, it is fitting to note that WhatsApp integration with Facebook Messenger is not yet available and this is a very complex and time consuming feature. It is also not clear whether the plan to merge the two services will come to light or be abandoned and canceled.

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