In this article, we are sharing with you the Download official iPhone 13 wallpapers link. Apple introduced the long-awaited iPhone 13 series alongside the Apple Watch Series 7 and updated iPad mini at yesterday’s California streaming event. Along with the new iPhone models, the Cupertino giant has also added two new sets of wallpapers that will be exclusive to the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 Pro models. However, ahead of the launch of the new iPhone, we have the latest wallpapers in hand.

So in this story, we will provide you with wallpapers to download and transfer to your device. There are four new wallpapers for the iPhone 13 Pro model and five new wallpapers for the standard iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Also, Download Google Pixel 6 wallpapers.

If you look at the wallpapers of the iPhone 13, then they are quite shocking and unique. There are two types of designs for these wallpapers. You can watch the preview below:

As for the standard iPhone 13 Pro wallpapers, they look very similar to one of the standard wallpaper designs. However, the color scheme for each of these is different from its Pro counterparts. You can watch the preview below.

*Note- These wallpaper are just to show you follow the link for high quality

Now coming to the download part, if you want to transfer any iPhone 13 or 13 Pro wallpaper to your device, you can download the high-resolution wallpapers from the download links above. All the wallpapers are of 475 x 1024 resolution and will look amazing on any device, be it iOS or Android.

It is worth noting that these wallpapers will officially support dark mode. They will change from light to dark theme when the feature is enabled on iPhone 13 models. On the other hand, on your device, these will appear as the standard wallpaper. So, go ahead and download them to enhance the look of your smartphone.

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