Bleave App Will Helps You to Find & Replace Chinese Apps From Your Android Phone

Recently, there has been a lot of resentment for Chinese products in India. There was a ‘boycott’ of China’s hashtag on social media. People also uninstalled Chinese apps from their phones. Now, another application called ‘Bleave App: Better Apps for Android’ has appeared in the Play Store, which can also do the same, that is, find Chinese applications on your Android.

Bleave App

But, this app also has an additional feature, suggesting that it is an app replacement, which is a non-Chinese app, along with searching for Chinese apps.

Let’s see how the Bleave app works.

How Bleave App Works

When you install the Bleave app, it has a simple user interface, showing only two tabs installed and uninstalled. In the installed tab, it will install all the Chinese apps on your phone. If you do not have such an application, it will show you the following message.

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Bleave App

However, if you have any Chinese app installed on your phone, it will be listed. There will be a replacement button next to each application.

Bleave App

When you tap on replace, it will show you the list of alternative apps to that app. It will then also give the option to remove the Chinese app.

Download Bleave App

Is Bleave safe to use?

First of all, we know who this app was developed. The application contains the information of an appropriate developer, including address, website, etc. The application has been developed by Media House 3nions, based in Mumbai. You can see their website here.

Also, unlike other similar apps, this app does not grant any permission on your phone. You install it and it’s ready. Last but not least, it has its own privacy policies.

As of now, we do not find any suspicious about the app. It is simple, easy to use, and does what it meant to be. So, if you want to not only uninstall Chinese apps but also want to find their alternatives, this app is just for you.

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