Apex Legends Mobile Launches

We’ve been hearing about it for a few months now, according to the latest reports, it launched in Q3 2021 but today, with Season 9 observations, EA’s treatment Apex Legends Mobile will launch in beta by the end of this month. It is limited to “some children’s play” in India and the Philippines.

Apex Legends Mobile: PUBG Alternative?

Yes, Apex Legends is finally coming to mobile to like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile in the Royal Space of War. This is not a port for PC / console games. Instead, “Apex Legends Mobile is being built specifically for mobile” and thus, it cannot support cross-play.It will be free-to-play and will be like the PC / console parts of the gameplay. Some screenshot graphics shared by EA such as Bloodhound, Lifeline, Caustic and others. What’s even more interesting is that the game seems to be an older version of the Age Map of the World, which the community has really liked. You can see these screenshots here:


“Apex Legends Mobile is specially designed for touchscreens, with streamlined controls and thoughtful optimizations that result in the most advanced battle royale combat available on a phone. It’s a new version of Apex Legends, but it’s true to the original,” said Chad Grenier, Game Director on Apex Legends in an official blog post.

Apex Legends Pre-Registration Details

To begin with, Apex Legend will only be available on Android devices. It will expand to new territories and iOS during beta testing. If you’re willing to get your hands on this power-focused Battle Royal game first, pre-article on the Play Store here. Be sure to toggle to ‘Automatic Install’ so that the game is automatically installed on your device once it is available.

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